Save the Day

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And if the night is burning, I will cover my eyes

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Eleven days of Eleven: One episode

"Are all people like this?"
"Like what?"
"So much bigger on the inside."

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All together on this needle in the sky
Afraid of heights
And your dreams were made illegal
By the laws of lesser evil
We call I, but not tonight


"Professor? Is everything quite alright?" Hermione inquired, gingerly reaching out to touch the old woman’s arm as Ron and Harry exchanged concerned looks.

Suddenly Trelawney’s neck snapped back, her hands grasping Hermione’s robes.

The Darkness vanquished, but the cortege remains. Ash shall fall and many will perish. Of Lions mane and Serpents tongue, an heir shall rise to cleanse the blood and make darkness flee.”

Hermione stared, eyes wide.

"Oh I’m sorry dear, what were you saying?" Said Trelawney curiously.

"We have to find Dumbledore, Hermione!" Harry exclaimed, pulling her by the elbow towards Dumbledore’s office. Little did they know, somewhere unknown and surrounded by hooded men, a blond man fell to his knees screaming in agony to the heavens. 

The Prodigy is a work in progress Dramione fanfiction that I am working on. The first chapter will be posted next month after the holidays :-)


Where do I fit in
When no matter where I stand I still fall?

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